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About BARK

Bay Area Rescued Kanines (BARK) is an all-volunteer animal welfare organization primarily serving East Contra Costa County, but will gladly reach out to other communities if we can benefit a dog in need.


bullet  Our Mission Statement and Goals  bullet

BARK rescues animals, primarily dogs, from Contra Costa County shelters and other sources and relocates them to permanent homes.

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When an animal is rescued, our volunteers will foster, rehabilitate, socialize, and train the pets before finding them loving homes. We serve as a resource to all pet owners by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spaying/neutering, positive behavior training, and suitable nutrition and shelter.

The volunteers of BARK all share the same goals:

     bullet  Rescue companion animals to reduce euthanasia

     bullet  Foster, rehabilitate, and socialize unwanted, abandoned or abused pets

     bullet  Promote spaying and neutering to reduce litters

     bullet  Encourage positive behavioral training

     bullet  Relocate to permanent, loving homes

All of our rescued animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated,
micro-chipped, and evaluated by veterinarians prior to adoption.


bullet  Meet the Pack  bullet

Randae Bither, President & BARK Co-Founder

     Randae brings over 35 years of animal rescue experience to our organization, from bottle-feeding newborn puppies & kittens to nursing and releasing owls & small birds of prey, and has worked closely with other local rescue groups. As a private business owner, she has served the grooming needs of East Contra Costa County pets since 1983 as a Certified Master Groomer with the International Professional Groomers Association. Among her many recognitions, Randae has been named a National Award Winning Stylist.

Mary Elemen, Vice President and Volunteer Coordinator

     bullet  Profile coming soon!  bullet

Marianne Wiesen, Treasurer & BARK Co-Founder

     Marianne brings over 40 years of animal-related experience to our organization. She was the owner of Faithful Pet Memorial Gardens and has made a lifelong career in nursing home administration which included incorporating pets to increase the quality of the lives of residents in nursing homes. She has been active with many rescue organizations spanning territories from the Midwest to California and has still found the time to serve as a Rotarian as well as a Board Member of the Brentwood Senior Activity Center. Marianne is a current Lion's Club member.

Debra Maggiora, Secretary & BARK Co-Founder

     Debra brings a half-century of experience with animal relationships to the organization, ranging from being raised on a small family farm to pet ownership. She has been associated with such organizations as "People-Pet-Partnership" (Pullman, WA), visiting nursing homes with companion animals, and volunteering in animal rescue & placement with both government shelters and private rescue groups in Washington and California. Debra currently volunteers with the Lindsay Wildlife Hospital in Walnut Creek providing care and wildlife rehabilitation.

Janet Fendyan, Director

     One of Janet's earliest childhood memories was the joy she felt when she first picked up a puppy and having the pup lick her face. And though she was not allowed to have any pets growing up, Janet has spent over 40 years working with a variety of companion pet rescues and welfare agencies and 13 years owning a pet & ranch-sitting service. She belonged to an online group of independent pet-sitters that eventually became an independent organization that provides education & support and promotes the industry with an annual conference. Janet is currently owned by 2 wonderful dogs and 4 beloved cats.

Gloria Bailey, Kanine Kare Manager & BARK Co-Founder

     Gloria brings a lifetime of animal care to our organization. Prior to co-founding BARK, Gloria spent two and a half years managing the dog adoption program for another local organization, rescuing dogs from local shelters and families unable to keep their pets because of relocation or economic hardship and then finding them permanent loving homes.

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